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deadyet's Journal

are you [ DEAD YET? ] jrock community!
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Welcome to Are You Dead Yet? a livejournal community focusing on japanese rock. Over here, anything goes. You may post news about bands, post icons and graphics, share mp3s, post fanfics/fanart, whatever. We strive to keep this place as lively as possible, as well as offering the most top-quality j-rock graphics you could find. However, we have some basic rules.

& No stealing
& Commenting if you take something. If someone asks you where you got it, link them here.
& Do not change the work displayed here without permission from the original designer/artist.
& No bashing, flaming, or harassment is tolerated.
& Textless icons are not bases. Bases will be listed as bases, keep that in mind.
& You do not need to give credit for bases unless you would like to.
& Have fun!

For mp3s, we have a few rules as well.

& Please delete the files you have downloaded between 24-48 hours after listening. If you like them, please support the artists by buying their CDs from yesasia or another site.
& Downloading is your own responsibility. The poster is not responsible for whatever happens to computer.
& Comment if you download!

For scans:
& No stealing
& Commenting if you take something. Credit the community if you use it publicly for a layout, etc.
& Cite the artist and which book/magazine you scanned it from.
& Make sure they are large with reasonable quality.

Of course, we hope you do not feel pressured by these rules. These are merely here to set the limits of the community and to ensure everyone has fun. Hopefully people will follow these rules so we won't have to ban anyone from this community.
If found breaking any of these rules a proper punishment will be given. Usually it begins with a warning on first offence, suspension on second, and permanent ban on third. You have been warned.

tee hee.
Layout features the oshare-kei band Shelly Trip Realize (now known as tinc). Band members featured are Sarino (vo.), Yu-suke (ba.), kenta (gt), takuma (dr.)

Yu-suke loves you!